Plan B
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Preamble: Look at Us now!

We, the Usual Suspects (Us), in recognition of our mutual goals and interests hereby pledge ourselves to this pact in order to guarantee our collective prosperity and security. We commit to this venture in the spirit of freedom, equality, friendship, and brotherhood, and we pledge to uphold the spirit of this pact to the best of our abilities.

Article I: No "I" in Us

The undersigned alliances pledge to prioritize this pact above all other treaties. The signatories pledge not to seek membership in any other bloc, and will refrain from signing chaining treaties.

Any signatory engaging in treaty talks shall inform the other signatories. Any signatory planning to sign a treaty which includes mandatory clauses will give a 7 day notice to the other signatories, unless all signatories agree to forgo the notice period.

Article II: Have Us a good time

The undersigned alliances recognize each others' rights to self-governance and independence, and pledge to avoid infringing upon them.

The signatories recognize the importance of mutual civility and respect for a successful coexistence under this pact. Therefore, they commit to behave properly towards each other in any public environment, and to solve issues privately.

Article III: The sum of Us

The undersigned alliances pledge to share any relevant information concerning their mutual security and interests, and recognise the importance of frequent communication.

The signatories commit to nominate 3 representatives to the Administration (the joint governing body), who will represent their respective alliance in any official discussion concerning this pact.

The signatories will have equal representation and voting powers in all matters concerning this treaty. Each signatory alliance will be entitled to 1 vote, submitted by the highest ranking representative in the Administration at the time of the vote. If a signatory fails to express its vote during the time limits, its vote will not be counted in any given motion.

Article IV: Us against them

In the event of a declaration of war against a signatory, all other signatories will consider themselves at war with the aggressor, and the defense of the attacked alliance will take priority above any external military commitment.

To issue an offensive declaration of war, a signatory may put forward a motion of war, followed by a vote over 72 hours. To be approved, a motion of war must gain a simple majority of votes: if the motion is approved, the declaration of war shall be considered a sanctioned action by every signatory. Once a decision is reached, a signatory may refrain from participating in a defensive or offensive conflict only with the consent of all other signatories.

Any plan for an offensive declaration of war shall be made known to the other signatories 3 days in advance. The signatories pledge to avoid offensive military or espionage actions against each others' allies, unless those allies are engaged in a conflict against a signatory or an ally of a signatory.

Article V: With Us or against Us

Prospective signatories may be considered and evaluated for inclusion in this pact upon official invitation from an undersigned alliance, subject to a vote over 72 hours. A unanimous vote by all signatories is necessary for a prospective signatory to be accepted.

A signatory may withdraw from this treaty by giving a 7 day notice to the other signatories. After withdrawing from the treaty a 7 day Non-Aggression Pact will be in place between the signatories and the withdrawing signatory.

A signatory may be expelled under the following conditions: following a motion of expulsion discussed over 72 hours, and subject to a vote lasting another 72 hours. To be approved, a unanimous vote is required by all signatories minus the signatory under scrutiny. Following the vote, a Non-Aggression Pact will be in place between the signatories and the expelled signatory for 7 days.

Article VI: It's you, not Us

This pact may be amended in any of its parts by a unanimous vote over 72 hours by all signatories. The pact may also be terminated by a unanimous vote over 72 hours by all signatories, following which a Non-Aggression Pact will be in place between the former signatories for 7 days.



Sir Humphrey, Secretary General
Berbers, Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Tsayka, Secretary of Defense
HM Solomon I, Secretary of Commerce
lonabis, Secretary of Enlistment
tommyknocker2121, Chief Justice

For R&R

EgoFreaky - President
Garion - Vice President
WarriorSoul - Minister of Foreign Affairs
Stealthy - Emperor, Deputy of Foreign Affairs
Finnish Commie - Deputy of Foreign Affairs
GreyOps - Minister of Defense
Lord Frostsword - Deputy Minister of Defense
SeanB - Minister of Interior
SaberEasy6 - Deputy Minister of Interior
Lyner - Deputy Minister of Interior
Garrett93 - Minister of Economics
ckmanero - Deputy Minister of Economics
The Membership of the R&R

Scorponok, Imperial High Commander
Da DreadLord, External Commander
html, Internal Commander
salsabeast1, Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs
andyt2k, Imperial Officer of Defense
Bagpuss, Imperial Officer of Finance
letub, Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs
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