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Requesting Protectorate Status - Harry Truman - 07-01-2015

This may be an odd request for protectorate status but none the less I feel I should at least ask.

I am requesting protectorate status not for an alliance, but for my single nation. Here is what I propose as a reasonable offer:

1. I will not be eligible for any NATO benefits or aide unless participating in a war in which NATO is a participant.

2. I will not be able to hold any position in the alliance government or have any vote.

3. I'm not obligated to participate in NATO wars unless I volunteer my forces.

4. I may tech raid and attack other nations so long S they are in accordance with NATO guidelines or are unaffiliated nations.

5. Should I create a situation for which I am responsible for damages, NATO will not be held accountable or responsible and may dispose of my nation as they please.

6. NATO may revoke this status at any time.

Basically I will carry the alliance affiliation without having the benefits of being a full member. Of course I'd still participate in tech deals and trade circles but would not be allowed any position of authority or moneyary rewards unless voluntarily given.

My nation can be found here:

Please consider my offer, thank you.

Requesting Protectorate Status - lonabis - 07-01-2015

Protectorate status is reserved for small alliances not so much one man players. I doubt any alliance would accept this proposal as it is highly unusual. Your welcome to join but you will have to go through the cadet school, all members are required to follow the charter and RoE. I like the effort you put into this, but I will make no special exceptions in this case.  

Requesting Protectorate Status - Lenny N Karl - 07-01-2015

why not just join NATO?

Requesting Protectorate Status - Jekalle - 07-01-2015

Who are you hiding from?

Requesting Protectorate Status - Harry Truman - 07-01-2015

Not hiding from anyone. Just figured I'd put the offer out there. I'll just join up lol

Requesting Protectorate Status - Jekalle - 07-01-2015

Better plan :-P welcome aboard!

Requesting Protectorate Status - lonabis - 07-02-2015

Harry please submit an application in the New Recruit Welcome Center.