TSK request
Nation Name: Jarop
Nation Ruler: Comrade General
Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill..._ID=554981
Alliance Wiki Link 
Alliance Name: The Seven Kingdoms
Alliance Acronym (if any): TSK
Alliance Color: yellow
Your position in the alliance: Master of Whispers
Link to your alliance forums: http://www.cnkingslanding.net/index.php


Long time no see. TSK was formerly House Baratheon so if yall still have the HB embassy thatll work with a name change.



[Image: ComradeGeneralsig2.png]
[Image: mwv2ub.png]
[Image: NewWeDoThatbar.png]
[Image: russia1.png]
[Image: natoribbon-dep-sm.png][Image: natoribbon-diplomat-1.png]Former DMoFA for NATO

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