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The Super-Toaster Treaty

Quote:Article 1 - We'll Keep Our Own Toasters

Both alliances agree that even though we're friends, and toasters are awesome, we both have our own toasters, and we're going to keep it that way.

Article 2 - Toaster Love

Neither signatory shall use its toast on the other in evil ways. Toasters are peaceful and shall not be used against toaster-brothers.

Article 3 - Toasterz R Smarts

Should a toaster brother find out any information about its other toaster brother, they must share it with a side of toast. The information may not be tampered with, but you can certainly put jelly on the toast :awesome:

Article 4 - Sharing Toast

If times are tough, and one toaster brother runs out of toast, the other may give him his toast, but he doesnt have to.

Article 5 - No Moar Toastiez?

If one toaster brother feels they cant be a toaster brother any longer, they must notify their toaster brother 48 hours in advance. During this cancellation period the toaster brothers shall stay neutral to one another.

Signed for NATO,

MickJones, High Councilor Potentia

Iskander, High Councilor Externus

Pollexter, High Councilor Augmentum

Fuhrer, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dev0win, Minister of Internal Affairs

Hakim, Minister of Defense

Prime3, Minister of Enlistment

AtheistRepublican, Minister of Commerce

Signed for LBA,

King Alias, Sack King

LadyZodiac, Sack Princess

Snickrot, Little Big Council

Gaunty14, Little Big Council
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