All parties involved in this treaty are to remain sovereign and shall not be governed by the other party. They shall remain separate unless stated in another treaty. This treaty acts to bind the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Vires Noctu in a state of mutual defense, furthering our alliances commitment to one another.


Both signatories agree not to attack, or commit and actions of espionage on the other party. Such actions are regarded as a breach of this treaty.


Both signatories agree to share all relevant information of worth. It is agreed that this information shall not be falsified, or changed in any way, to mislead the other party. Such falsifications shall be regarded as a breach of the treaty.


Both signatories agree that should the other come under attack, it is mandatory that all available aid, be it military, financial or diplomatic, will be made available should it be requested. This clause is not relevant if an undersigned party is the aggressor in a conflict. This treaty is exclusively between NATO and Vires Noctu and as such will not automatically activate any other treaties either signatory may have.


Both signatories shall agree that they will endeavor to contribute financial aid to the other party. Such aid must be within the limits of reality, and not without reason. Such requests for financial aid shall be placed in the other party's embassy and the leader shall have to acknowledge the aid request. An acceptable reason must be stated, or the requested aid will not be given. Also, aid requests may be rejected, though the other party must have a valid reason. Any aid requests made under false pretense shall be viewed as a breach of this treaty.


To cancel this treaty any time, one party must post a thread on the other party's forums and get acknowledgment from the other party, or post a thread on the official CN forums. Following cancellation, a 48 hour grace period shall begin, during which neither party may breach any of the above listed terms.

Signatures for NATO

High Councilor Potentia, Mick Jones

High Councilor Externus, Iskander

High Councilor Augmentum, Pollexter

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Fuhrer

Signatures for VN

The Eye of Midnight, Tithan

The Soul of Midnight, HP Wingfoot

The Wrath of Midnight, Tristan the Hammer
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