Quote:The German Empire – North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Friendship Pact

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The leadership of The German Empire and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, having been on very friendly terms with one another since the end of the Karma War, hereby voluntarily enter into this Friendship Pact on behalf of their respective alliances.


Neither alliance shall engage in any kind of hostile action against the other. Hostile actions include, but are not limited to, military attacks, all forms of espionage (in-game or otherwise), IRC impersonation and the provision of aid to enemies of the other signatory.

In the event that a violation of this provision should occur, the parties agree to work toward resolving the matter through private diplomatic channels.


Both parties agree that if they are made aware of information that directly affects the security of the other signatory, they shall share said information in order to promote their common security.


In the interests of mutual economic development, the signatories agree to give each other "preferred status" with regard to tech deals. TGE and NATO's Economics Ministers shall meet at the first available opportunity to work out details of any such arrangement, but this shall not prevent individual members from engaging in ad hoc tech sales with members of the other signatory.

Both parties agree to consider all monetary and other aid requests from the other signatory.


This Friendship Pact shall remain in effect until further notice. Either party may cancel this agreement, for any reason. Notice of cancellation shall be delivered in person, Upon cancellation, its provisions relating to Peace, Intelligence and Defense shall remain in effect for a period of seventy-two (72) hours.

Signed on Behalf of The German Empire:

On behalf of the German Emperor, the Regent, Karl I

His Excellency, the Reich Kanzler, President Chris

His Excellency, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gavin Jones

His Excellency, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mark Thomas

Signed on Behalf of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation:

High Councilor Potentia, Mick Jones

High Councilor Externus, Iskander

High Councilor Augmentum, bigbull

Minister of Foreign Affairs, devowin

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