NATO/Valhalla MDoAP
NATO - Valhalla MDoAP

Quote:I. Preamble

Effective this day, June 3rd, 2008, the following alliances, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Valhalla, are strengthening the bonds of our mutual respect by entering into this jointly agreed pact.

II. Nonaggression and Discourse

All members of NATO and Valhalla enter into a commitment of peace towards each other. No nation of either Alliance shall declare war with the intention to attack, commit any form of aggressive assault, threaten or abuse members in public or private channels or commit espionage against each other. Both alliances agree not to assist an enemy of either Alliance through military or financial means during periods of alliance level conflict.

III. Defense and War

A – In the event that either signatory comes under attack; this pact activates a Declaration of War for the other signatory against the aggressor alliance or nation.

B – Assistance is defined as military, economic, intelligence, diplomatic, and all other forms of aid the signatories are able to provide.

C – Signatories shall have the option, but not the obligation, to engage in offensive warfare alongside the other signatory or to aid the signatory in ways economic or otherwise.

D – If either alliance would like to ask the other for military assistance in an offensive action 72hr prior notification is desirable in order to give either side time to discuss and plan for a joint effort.

IV. Diplomatic and Economic Assistance

A – The signatories recognize the mutual benefits provided by economic cooperation and may engage in voluntary programs designated for economic assistance or trade.

B – Should either signatory become involved in war, it is the duty of other signatory to offer diplomatic aid toward the peaceful resolution of that war, should such be requested by the signatory engaged in hostilities.

C – The signatories pledge their diplomatic support to one another and will retain unity in all public discourse.

V. Termination of MDoAP

Either signatory may terminate this pact following a period of no less than 72 hours following the notification of the other signatory. Termination removes the former signatory from all terms and obligations of this pact and will not occur until after the aforementioned 72-hour period has passed.

VI. Ratification

NATO and Valhalla affirm that they have approved this pact by whatever means they have in place for such approval, and that they do so without reservation or duress.

Signatories for Valhalla

Regent: Chefjoe

Vice Regent: Lysdexia

Emissary: The Pansy

Marshal: Bob Sanders

Chancellor: Strungout

Security Consul: Tronix

Signatories for NATO

President: Anu Drake

Vice President: Wentworth the Brave

Secretary General: Lenny N Karl

Secretary of Defense: Hakim

Secretary of the Interior: Pollexter

Secretary of State: Duncan King

Secretary of Treasury: Buffalo Niagara

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