MHA Secretary of Trade
Nation name: Tal Re Republic

Nation Ruler: PEShang

Nation Link: Link to my nation

Alliance Name: Mostly Harmless Alliance

Alliance Acronym (if any): MHA

Alliance Color: Aqua

Your position in the alliance: Secretary of Trade

Link to your alliance forums: MHA Forums

I have come over in the hopes of meeting with your trade person and if possible getting a mask which will allow me to view your trade section and interact with your members. I come on behalf of the MHA and although I am a member I work for all Aqua nations who are part of an alliance. I try to place people who ask for help into trade guilds (circles) so their nations can benefit. I maintain an Aqua Trade List in the Hyperspace Bypass at the MHA forums. Anyone is welcome to come over and view it so they can recruit members for their guilds. There are certain rules of etiquette to follow so having yoru trade rep come over and pull the list on behalf of NATO would be easier. That person could then relay any names pulled off the list to myself or Silent Walker from RoK who helos me to maintain the list. Anyway this is getting a bit long winded. If I could be masked to view your trade section and if I could meet your trade person we can hash things out from there.

Thanks in advance,

PE Shang
Welcome to NATO PE Shang!
ill PM

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