Fun times!
Hi there! I saw m3g's announcement in the CN forums, so I had to stop in and check out the NATO-ween. :banana:

To m3g, it's Reagan from CC Smile

I'm also requesting an embassy for GUN.

Nation name: Cloverfield

Nation Ruler: Reagan

Nation Link: ... _ID=233827

Alliance Name: Global United Nations

Alliance Acronym (if any): GUN

Alliance Color: currently Green

Your position in the alliance: Emeritus/Co-founder

Link to your alliance forums:

I know a couple of the NATO peeps and I'm digging the new forums, so I figured it's time to set up a treehouse where we can all hang out together. :drunk:
HIYA reagan... err...zhaan. lol

long time no see. Please feel free to spam my favorite holiday.... NATO-ween
Mia[TOOL|Gov]: m3g: > everything > Buffalo[nato] [4]

say goodbye now.

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