Embassy and stuff.
mask me to please

you know my details
[Image: pansyiiiiww0.jpg]
[quote name="The Pink Terror"]mask me to please

you know my details[/quote]

Holy crap! Everyone run for the hills, the Pink Terror is upon us!

I <3 you Pansy

:wub: :wub: :wub:
Quote:Behold, honored adversaries, we are the instruments of your joyful death. In our ways we have blessed you -- the spirit of the best among us has sanctified our battle. We will praise you as we move among you and sing your souls, saved, to their rewards. It is not your fortune to have been born among The People, so we set you upon the path that leads to redemption. Be brave and fight with fierceness that you may come into our fold at your rebirth. Blessed battle hallows the ground and all who die and are born here henceforth are delivered.

Quote:njero[NATO]: I'm only going to say this once Tsayka[NATO], so listen carefully. No matter how much you bejewel it, I do not want, nor will I buy your yellow snow.


¨¨*¨*¨(_)¨*¨*¨ ¨

Both of you masked and embassy created. Welcome Smile

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