Aqua Unity Treaty
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Aqua Interalliance Cooperation & Economic Treaty


We, the alliances of Aqua, in order to create a more peaceful sphere, do hereby sign these treaties of growth, aid, and peace.

Part One: Mentorship


An initiative to help both new and existing alliances in the aqua sphere

Preamble: In celebrating the Aqua Team’s goal of cooperation and commitment, this mentorship program has been initiated to help out both new alliances looking to start on the Aqua Team and existing alliances that may be in need of assistance or help.

Article 1. The Aqua Mentorship Program (AMP) will consist of aqua alliances who wish to volunteer their services for the betterment of the team. All external treaties have precedent over AMP to ensure stability amongst the mentoring and recipient alliances.

Article 2. Alliances wishing to become a mentor for AMP must meet two criteria; 1) Must be an Aqua Team alliance, 2) Must be on the Aqua Team for at least 90 days. Mentoring alliances who meet these criteria can come and go as they like, they are not bound to this contract.

Article 3. All mentoring alliances are required to have this contract posted on their own forum in a public place complete with contact information. Business can be conducted privately or publicly; it’s up to the interacting parties. The official copy of AMP will be held on the Aqua Team forum with an updated roster of participating Mentors. Changes to the roster can be submitted to any Aqua Forum administrator. Success stories, dialogue, problems and issues, or any other kind of communications between parties are encouraged to be posted and documented on the Aqua Forum.

Article 4. Requested services can consist of, but not limited to; nation building guides/ideas, forum management, new aqua alliance guidance, writing charters/laws, CN etiquette and behavior suggestions, general friendship and camaraderie, and much more. Services requested to supply war guides or anything combative in nature is not allowed. Mentors caught supplying such material will be removed from AMP on a permanent basis.

Article 5. Participating mentored alliances who wish to take part in the program will recognize Aqua as a peaceful sphere. In addition, the mentored will show respect towards their big brothers and the rest of Aqua.

Part Two: Economics

Aqua Prosperity Program

Preamble: The alliances of the Aqua Team agree to help each other promote growth through interaction and cooperation. The goal of economic success across Aqua will be a combination of a friendly competitive environment with potential to maximize profits. New alliances to the sphere will have the opportunity to ensure themselves with a friendly pro-growth atmosphere.

Article 1: Alliances agree to a monthly growth competition. Participating alliances will challenge each other to gain the most combined national strength based on comparative percentage between the first and last day of each month. Statistics will be kept on the official Aqua forums and the winning alliance will proudly display a trophy on their own forum for bragging rights.

Article 2: Coordination of massive tech deals are encouraged to take place on the Aqua forum. An advisor from each participating alliances can coordinate amongst themselves to setup massive deals between alliances. Coordination is encouraged to be conducted on the Aqua forum, but can be achieved elsewhere.

Article 3: All Aqua alliances agree to a continuing mission of making sure all nations are indeed set to the Aqua Team color. This will promote an increased amount of trading partners and Aqua growth.

Article 4: In the event an economic deal between two Aqua alliances goes sour and a resolution cannot be met, one mediator will be appointed to ensure a peaceful conclusion to the matters.

Article 5: Alliances agree to maintain a free trading market on the Aqua Sphere. Therefore:

A. Signatories of this treaty agree to encourage their members to trade freely with members of other signatories that have needed resources.

B. No signatory of this treaty will discriminate against members of other signatories in trading solely because they are from a different alliance.

C. The signatories agree to work together to provide the best trades possible for their respective members.

Part Three: Aqua Team Senate



The signatories agree to maintain a free Aqua Team Senate. Therefore:

Article 1: The signatories shall be free to allocate the votes of their membership for the Aqua Team Senate anyway they see fit.

Article 2: No signatory will sanction a member of another signatory without consulting with that member's government before doing so, except in the case of an obvious nuclear rogue.

Article 3: If a signatory member manages to procure a seat on the Aqua Team Senate, that member shall honor requests for sanctions from other signatory alliances as if they were from their own alliance.

Part Four: Optional Aid and Defense

Opt In Optional Aid and Defense

Preamble: The undersigned alliances agree to this additional clause of Optional Aid and Defense.

Article 1: Aid: No signatory of this treaty is obligated to come to the monetary aid of another signatory of this treaty. However, should a signatory alliance request monetary aid, the other signatories are encouraged to consider the request.

Article 2: Defense: No signatory of this treaty is obligated to come to the defense of another signatory of this treaty. However, should a signatory alliance request defensive military assistance, the other signatory alliances are encouraged to consider it and may use this treaty as legal justification for entering a conflict at another signatory's defense.

Part Five: Nonaggression

Opt In Nonaggression

Preamble: The undersigned alliances agree to this additional clause of non aggression.

No signatory of this treaty shall attack, commit any actions of espionage, or assist others in doing so against another signatory of this treaty.

Part Six: Cancellation

Should any alliance wish to withdraw from all or part of this treaty, they must first inform the other Aqua signatories with a post on the Aqua forums, making it clear which section or sections they are withdrawing from. There will then follow a 72 hour grace period in which that alliance must adhere to all terms of non-aggression that have been agreed, as well as ensuring that any mentorees are not being left in an undermined position. Following this grace period, no terms, conditions, postage or packaging will apply.

Signing All Parts

For Armed Coalition of Valor

General iClean, Commanding Officer of the General Staff

Lieutenant General Sayeret, Executive Officer of the General Staff

Major General Caberfeidh, Communications Officer

Major General Lucius, Operations Officer

Major General King Chris, Personnel Officer

Major General Douglas Freeman, Intelligence Officer

Major General WhiteVelvet, Judge Advocate General Officer

Major General Rambo, Logistics Officer

Sergeant Major UnitedNations, Senior Non-Commissioned Officer

For Camelot

Lightningdelta, Ruling Council

Londo Mollari, Ruling Council

For Heroes of the Union

Rsoxbronco1 - Triumvir

President Fox - Triumvir

Dillpickle - Triumvir

For =LOST=

Emperor Barron von Hammer

Minister of Foreign Affairs Sinister Minister

Minister of Internal Affairs Johnny No Legs

Minister of War The Corrupt Teacher

Chief Justice Wargarden

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hombre de Murcielago

For Mostly Harmless Alliance

WCR, Triumvir

Denzin, Triumvir

Johnson, Triumvir

For Mushroom Kingdom

Archon, King

Trace, Prince

AirMe, Lord High Envoy

SirWilliam, Lord High Vanguard

tamerlane, Lord High Treasurer

Stormsend, Baron of Aquatics


President: Anu Drake

Vice President: Wentworth the Brave

Secretary General: Lenny N Karl

Secretary of Defense: Hakim

Secretary of the Interior: Pollexter

Secretary of State: Duncan King

Secretary of Treasury: Buffalo Niagara


Head Monkey - Stumpy

Big Momma - Wing01

Huggles The Rampaging Clown - Manonation

Master of Disaster - Orkules

HiveMind – Mikesher

Blood God – Zahg

Judge Dread - UncleStalin

For The Aquatic Brotherhood

Crushtania - Triumvir of Finance

Jm0406 - Triumvir of Growth

Tiberivs - Triumvir of State

Hendrik The Great - War Minister

MonE_Mike - Chief Ambassador

The Aquatic Brotherhood Congress

For the Grämlins

(DAC)Syzygy - Praetor (MoFA)

Zere - Executor (MoD)

Steelrat - Judicator (MoI)

For the Revolution

For The Revolution:

Primearch- Compstomper

Elder Arch- Golden Boy (FA)


1S1K_Kolohe (IA)

Jgoods (Defense)

SIRLOINofBEEF (Affluence)F (Affluence)

Gaunty (IA)

Signing Parts I, III, and VI

For the Democratic Order

ScottyBoomSnick, Chancellor

Douglas MacArthur, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ghostlin, Low Senator

MacAddict, High Senator

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