Quote:Introduction: All parties involved in this treaty are to remain sovereign. They shall remain separate and independent entities unless stated in another treaty.

Purpose: The main purpose of this treaty is to demonstrate both the mutual friendship and good relations between these parties. Breaches of this treaty shall have no material consequences, but they shall been seen as slights against the goodwill between these two alliances.

Section One~Peace: Both alliances agree not to attack or commit any actions of espionage against the other party. Such actions are regarded as a breach of treaty.

Section Two~Intelligence: Both parties agree to share all information of value. This information shall not be falsified or modified in any way that benefits or harms any party, whether or not that party is a signatory. Such falsifications shall be regarded as a breach of treaty.

Section Three~Aid: Both parties agree that they will endeavor to contribute aid to the other party in times of need. Such aid must be of a reasonable sum. Such aid requests shall be placed in the other party's embassy by an official of the requesting party. An acceptable reason for the request of aid must be stated. Aid requests may be rejected if a valid concern is raised by the party from which aid is requested. Any aid requests made under false pretences shall be viewed as a breach of this treaty.

Section Four~Cancellation: To cancel this treaty at any time, either party must post a notification of cancellation in the embassy of the other party. After the cancellation is announced, the parties shall be bound in a state of nonaggression for 48 hours.



President: Pameshlu

Vice President: The Pansy

Secretary General: Anu Drake

Secretary of Defense: Tautology

Secretary of the Interior: Duncan King

Secretary of State: Lenny N Karl

Secretary of the Treasury: Brian Reimer

For ODN:

The Eric of Ericstan - Secretary General

Creag of Diomede - Secretary of State

WalkerNinja of Land of Ninjas - Senator

Peter of Korlus - Senator

Potato of Mac Land - Senator

Merlin of Brevia - Senator

Golan 1st of Danieland - Senator

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