The Atlantic Treaty

Quote:Preamble: In order to promote, and stimulate, the growing friendship and between the Atlantic Empire and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the following treaty have been agreed upon:

Article I: Sovereignty Both signatories will remain completely sovereign, and independent organisations. Any views, values and stands taken by one signatory is not to be taken as representative of the views, values, and standing of the other signatory.

Article II: Respect Members of both signatories must show each other respect, both in private and public channels.

Article III: Non-Aggression Under no circumstances shall a member of one signatory participate, support or condone attacks against a member of the other signatory. If the misfortune should that an attack has been made, order should be given that ensures that attacks will be ceased, a reparation plan made and peace offered within 24 hours. If the aggressor refuses to comply to this he shall be expelled and deemed a rogue.

Article IV: Aid In the event that one signatory would require some financial and/or military aid from the other signatory, they may request it. The request must be made through proper diplomatic channels. Although not obligated, the signatory being requested is strongly urged to accept. The requested signatory must give an answer within 48 hours. No requests shall be made if it would require the breaching of another treaty to approve.

Article V: Information Both parties shall agree to share all information of worth to both. It is agreed that this information shall not be falsified, or changed in any way that benefits any party, signed or not. Such falsifications shall be regarded as a breach of treaty.

Article VI: Termination A notice must be given 48 hours before publicly terminating this treaty. This time should be used to try to mend the relationship between the two signatories. The notice must be given through proper diplomatic channels. If both signatories agree, or there has been a clear, intentional breach of this treaty, it may be declared void and broken immediately.

Signed for NATO:

President: Pameshlu

Vice President: The Pansy

Secretary General: Anu Drake

Secretary of Defense: Tautology

Secretary of the Interior: Duncan King

Secretary of State: Lenny N Karl

Secretary of the Treasury: Brian Reimer

Signed for AE:

Joshuajames, Triumvir

Fastjohnl, Triumvir

AVFC1, Triumvir

Sebastian, MoFA

Tmac, MoIA

FreedomFight3r, MoF

Commander Thrawn, MoD

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