The Trident MADP
The Trident - NATO - MHA - FARK

Quote:The Trident presents,

In the interests of aquatic unity

I. Preamble – We the alliances mentioned within, in the interests of peace, stability, and "Aqua Win." Take part in a great pact of friendship, defense and security to be henceforth referred to as the Trident.

II. Brotherhood – The undersigned alliances hereby establish themselves as brothers in all matters, none withstanding. All disputes and disagreements are agreed to be resolved in private and with respect, honor, and dignity representative of our individual alliances. Any and all acts of covert or military actions between the undersigned alliances will be grounds for immediate expulsion and swift response.

III. Mutual Aggression and Defense – The undersigned alliances, commit themselves to the defense of one another in all matters of peace and war. Should any signatory be involved in any war, and it is the request of the besieged alliance that her allies aid them; Military, Political, and Economical aid must be given to the particular alliance.

a. In defense of a Trident Member, the Trident overrides any NAP, or MDP signed after ratification of this treaty.

b. An attack upon one member of the Trident is an attack upon all members and will be dealt with accordingly.

c. In the event of an aggressive war against a non-signatory alliance the Trident member is obligated to notify the other members of the treaty

d. At any point one member of the Trident may ask the other signatory alliances to stay out of any conflict.

e. Any offensive war initiated by a member of the Trident must receive a 2/3 vote for the bloc itself to actively aid the Trident member

IV. Intelligence – The undersigned alliances agree to refrain from the use of covert operations against other signatories, should a member be found to be spying for a respective alliance, that member will be sentenced to permanent zero-infrastructure.

V. Aqua Team Senate - The Trident recognizes that the Aqua team senate is a free senate and does not seek to limit any nation or alliance from pursuing a seat.

VI. Cancellation – The Trident is a binding pact between good friends, any wishes to leave the bloc will require a period of seven days before the removal will be considered valid.

VII. Conclusion – We the undersigned alliances have come forth in a show of complete brotherhood and unity. We bind ourselves to the fate of the others and pledge to fulfill the ideals of Aqua stability and peace.

IX. Signatories

For the Mostly Harmless Alliance:

Working Class Ruler - External Overseer

Iron67 - Internal Overseer

John Rocker - Senator

Gunblade - Senator

Snagglepuss - Senator

Dragunis - Senator

Craftj2 - Senator

For the North Atlantic Treaty Organization:

President - King Tom

Vice President - Pameshlu

Secretary of State - Anu Drake

Secretary of the Interior - BritneysCokeDealer

Secretary of Defense - Colossus251

For Farkistan:

Cable77 - Submitter

Dirk Farkly - Squirrel

Romeroland - TF Council

Queen Hoopdy the 1st - TF Council

Wouldestous - TF Council

Billy-Bob Kenobi - TF Council

Fluoroalien - TF Council

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