The Summer Love Accords

Quote:I. Preamble-

NATO and the Viridian Entente have had a peaceful existence on Bob. NATO has long been dreaming of getting to second base with the beautiful VE, and after several slaps and fights, VE has caved in to the pleasures NATO can provide. Through this struggle a love was born. Therefore, we are happy to sign in to this dream we have both had for so long. Summer Love is born.

II. Non-Agression and Discourse-

Both NATO and VE agree that we must never commit any acts of aggression be it militarily, espionage, or spewing poison in public or private channels. Nor will we aid any enemy of either alliance with anything during times of alliance war.

III. Defense and War-

A. This Pact shall activate a declaration of war should either signatory come under fire.

B. Assistance shall include military, economic, intelligence, diplomatic, or anything else to be considered aid.

C. If one signatory is planning to engage in an offensive war, the other has the option, not obligation to join the front.

D. If either alliance is pushed to the state of aggressive warfare, a 72 hour notification is desirable to give the alliances a chance to talk and plan a joint effort.

IV. Diplomatic and Economic Assistance-

A. Both alliances are encouraged to participate in voluntary programs set up for aid and/or trade.

B. If either party is involved in a war, it becomes the duty of the other party to offer diplomatic aid towards the peaceful ending of said conflict should they be requested to by the party engaged.

C. We are united and as such, shall always show support in public and private channels.

V. Termination

If either alliance wants out, there shall be a 72 hour grace period after both parties have been informed.

VI. Ratification

NATO and VE both show unconditional support and love for the above decree and have given their signatures as a show of good faith

Signed for NATO:

President: Pameshlu

Vice President: Tristan the Hammer

Secretary General: Lenny N Karl

Secretary of Defense: tommyknocker2121

Secretary of the Interior: Irregular Apocalypse

Secretary of State: Wentworth the Brave

Secretary of Treasury: Buffalo Niagara

Attorney General: Aress

Signed for VE:

Ardus Cadogan, Lord

Cornelius, Duke

Aznjons, Secretary of Defense

Solaris, Secretary of Interior

Azure, Secretary of State

Sooner, Regent

Eledan, Regent

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