NATO/Ragnarok MADP
Treaty of VANU

Quote:Article I. - Respect:

Ragnarok and NATO recognize each other as well endowed, virile masters of their domains. They also mutually agree that they share a bond of admiration and respect.

Article II. - Don't do that:

Both alliances agree to not engage in any acts of aggression against the other signatory alliance. Acts of aggression are defined as direct military conflict, the use of spies, senate sanctions, or aiding an enemy of the other signatory. Additionally, both alliances commit to supporting each other on public forums and avoid trolling or flaming.*

If an act of aggression does occur, officers of both alliances will meet to discuss in a friendly, respectful way. There shall also be fine meats and cheeses. Wine will be served once the disturbance is put to rest. Those needing to crash on the couch after the meeting due to inability to operate motor vehicles or hovercraft shall under no circumstances be 'shamed'.

Article III. - Watch out for a brother.

No spying, period. If one hears some information the other would find useful, that they are free to share, they should do so. Especially if it involves danger, women, beer or idiots.**

Article IV. - Fighting:

If either of the signatory alliances goes to war, either aggressive or defensive, the other signatory helps out.

If the primary party in the adventure wishes it to be, the secondary is not required to support. If assistance would be an act against other allied alliances, support is not required. However, the full weight of their diplomatic power should be engaged in helping the other's position.

Article V. - Home:

Both alliances recognize the importance of their home teams. They both agree to work towards keeping Aqua a secure, free sphere. The signatories also commit to remaining neutral towards the other's senate candidate and promise never to get all pissy about the composition of the senate. But if one of them has a senator and the other doesn't, and a situation requires a sanction being performed, they'll get that sanction.

Article VI. Termination:

If either signatory wishes to withdraw from this treaty for any reason, they must inform the other 7 days in advance before termination. There will be a 7 day window of non-aggression after the date of termination between the two signatory alliances. Immediate cancellation may occur if either signatory breaches any of the above articles.

Signed on this day,

Respective Governments

*unless very funny.

**mostly just the women.

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