Graecia Memorial Treaty

Quote:Article I: Sovereignty

In the signing of this treaty each both alliances agree to acknowledge and respect the sovereignty of the other signatory.

Article II: Nonaggression

No member of either alliance will declare war on the other signatory. This also includes actions that can be seen as a violation of peace such as aiding an enemy with money, technology, military or information.

Article III: Mutual Defence

A declaration of war upon one signatory is to be considered an act of war upon the other. Both alliances are expected to come to the military and/or financial aid of either signatory in the event of a defensive war. Neither signatory is required to aid the other with military assistance in wars that are caused via an existing MDP with an alliance outside this treaty.

Article IV: Espionage

The signatories agree not to engage in acts of espionage against the other alliance. Each signatory agrees to provide any intelligence obtained about the other signatory to them as soon as possible.

Article V: Withdrawal

In the case that either party feels it necessary to terminate this treaty, they should first inform the other signatory of their intention and are required to wait 72 hours before termination in order to allow appropiate discussion. This treaty can be reinstated by mutual consent at any time during this period, and is in full effect until the 3 day period has ended. Either alliance is allowed to withdraw from this treaty immediately should it clash with an already existing MDP.

Signed for USN

Cora Mcstrap AKA Fluffy Ewunga - Alliance Council

Camerontech - Alliance Council

Xiao Weng - Alliance Council

Theragu40 - High Council

Sephirdorf - High Council

Kyotowolf - High Council

Mrseamonkey - High Council

Samfisher202 - High Council

Signed for NATO:

Secretary General - Anu Drake

President - King Tom

Vice President - Buffalo Niagara

Secretary of State - Lenny N Karl

Secretary of Defense - The Pansy

Secretary of Interior - The Secret Designer

Secretary of Treasury - Menite

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