NATO - ESC Protectorate

The members of Elite SPERG Commandos, to be referred to as ESC, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, to be referred to as NATO, hereby announce a new pact based on the spirit of friendship. This pact is designed to promote safety, growth and instill a deep-rooted feeling of trust between these great alliances.

Article 1: Defensive Agreement

NATO hereby recognizes ESC as a protectorate and will monitor all military actions by and against them.

1.1: Attacks made against ESC will be tried as if it were attacks against NATO and dealt swiftly and with dignity.

1.2: Attacks made by ESC against 3rd parties will be monitored to make sure treaties are followed.

Article 2: War

Should either alliance be declared war upon it will be considered a war against both alliances and full support will be administered without hesitation nor fail.

2.1: If ESC is declared upon and assistance is requested NATO will provide full support.

2.2: If NATO is attacked and assistance is requested ESC will provide full support.

Article 3: Fiscal Arrangement

NATO and ESC will cooperate economically to promote nation growth and prosperity.

3.1: NATO recognizes ESC as a sovereign alliance and allows them to deal tech and arrange their trades freely. Our reason for treaty is not to own and harvest from ESC but to help them grow, be the trades with or without us. We believe this mutual respect will create an atmosphere that will encourage members of both alliances to deal willingly with each other and limit the number of boundaries that are to be crossed in the nation building process. This great friendship will be the greatest benefit.

3.2: Members of both alliances may seek aid, if authorized, from either alliance so help promote nation growth and prosperity.

Article 4: Politics

ESC and NATO will, as all good friends do, meet first and discuss any important political matters before taking any significant actions unless it is imperative for the alliances' well-being to do so.

4.1: Any war declarations or treaty cancellations will be discussed between the alliances in an honest and respectful manner.

4.2: Military treaties made by ESC will be first discussed with NATO in order to sort out any issues either alliances have.

Article 5: Friendship

This partnership is aimed at sharing knowledge and resources to help one another grow.

5.1: Both alliances will respect each other's nations and their boundaries. Any conflicts, should any arise, will be resolved completely and discreetly

5.2: Both alliances will report any actions they are alerted to that may affect the other in a harmful manner.

5.3: Both alliances will continue to work together in a manner of mutual respect and maintain the goals set forth by the signers of this pact.

Article 6: Cancellation

If love is not love do not force it.

6.1: Should at any time leaders of either alliance find this pact no longer necessary or beneficial to their alliance they may terminate after 7 days time with confirmed notice.

Signatures for NATO

NATO Council
Lenny N Karl


Signatures for ESC

Elite Sperg - Chernothewise

Second in Command - Bread

Foreign Affairs Minister - AidanTheFed


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