Nation Name: Ulvenhyyte
Nation Ruler: Soleil
Nation Link:
Nation Strength: 1377.446
Recruited by: Gearhead
Previous Alliances: None in this decade and stage of life

1) Why do you want to join NATO?
I'm interested in rejoining Cyber Nations as it's been over 10 years since I last played and I figured I'd like to find a group to play with.

2) If you were in an alliance previous to applying to NATO, why did you leave? It was over a decade ago and due to anxiety. That alliance is no longer running and probably hasn't been for a long time

3) Are you now or have you ever been on any alliance Perma ZI or ZI list (these are punishments doled out by alliances that you have seriously pissed off; basically, if an alliance really wants to punish you, they may sentence you to be attacked until your nation's infrastructure level is zero, or they may even attempt to keep it at zero infrastructure indefinitely)? If so give details please. No
Welcome! Can't wait to get you up and running! Big Grin
Proud to be NATO
Secretary of Defense
TFD Speaker-emeritus

(Here for the dad jokes)

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