Nation Name: Kjunix

Nation Ruler: Kjuniks

Nation Link:

Nation Strength: 1,772.820

Recruited by: GearHead

Previous Alliances: None

1) Why do you want to join NATO?
Because I want to accelerate my knowledge about Cyber Nations and by joining NATO, this will grant me just that. Apart from knowledge, I'm also looking for an active community and roleplaying alliances.

2) If you were in an alliance previous to applying to NATO, why did you leave?

3) Are you now or have you ever been on any alliance Perma ZI or ZI list (these are punishments doled out by alliances that you have seriously pissed off; basically, if an alliance really wants to punish you, they may sentence you to be attacked until your nation's infrastructure level is zero, or they may even attempt to keep it at zero infrastructure indefinitely)? If so give details please.

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