Hello. I am the President of Aurora Skyfall. We are a country that believes in democracy - and the rule of law. We are currently on good terms with other nations, and we will continue to uphold - the rule of law. Our country is made up of hard working citizens, who do not surrender and do not give up. 

Nation Name: Aurora Skyfall

Nation Ruler: KmattFPS
Nation Link:
Nation Strength: 3.000
Recruited By: Recreate member from 2021 that went IA. 
Previous Alliances: NATO only

I want to join NATO because I am a recreate (I went IA in 2021) and am joining the game again. I believe that NATO believes in a democracy and the rule of law. Also, the members in NATO were always cool and NATO has one of the most success histories, and governments through everything. 

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