Nation Name: Honalulu

Nation Ruler: Kats and Rats

Nation Link: 

Strength: At the time of posting this around 4,356.2 

Recruited by: Technically Swamplandia to some degree

Previous Alliances:  None.

1) Why do you want to join NATO?
Got into it because Swamplandia told me to join an alliance and I decided to join NATO since they were in it and they were a trading partner of mine.Swampl

2) If you were in an alliance previous to applying to NATO, why did you leave?

Not in a previous alliance.

3) Are you now or have you ever been on any alliance Perma ZI or ZI list (these are punishments doled out by alliances that you have seriously pissed off; basically, if an alliance really wants to punish you, they may sentence you to be attacked until your nation's infrastructure level is zero, or they may even attempt to keep it at zero infrastructure indefinitely)? If so give details please.


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