League of Nations Protectorate Request
Alliance Name: League of Nations
Alliance Color: Blue
Current Number of Nations*: Not yet started, but estimated 3. We will have a lot of recruiting.
Link to Alliance Forums: http://z13.invisionfree.com/League_of_Na...index.php?

IRC Channel: I need help setting up
Representatives Ruler names(List 2): we the people and still open
Please post any other comments: I know I don't currently meet all requirements, however I was hoping to start this alliance very soon given that war may be coming for my current alluance, NADC. I need to secure my trade deals before starting a new alliance. As of now I am going to start my alliance, however I will not be transitioning to the blue team until I can get into a steady trade circle. 

You have to have 10 for a protectorate with NATO.  Good luck to you!

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"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."
-Abraham Lincoln
Nations recruited: 193 ~~~~ retired recruiter

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