The Better Call Kenny Loggins Accords
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The Better Call Kenny Loggins Accords

A Treaty of Optional Defense and Optional Aggression


Revvin' up your engine.

The Orange Defense Network and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, hereinafter referred to as the Contracting Parties, pledge to uphold the articles of the Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact outlined herein.


Article I: Listen to her howlin' roar

The Contracting Parties declare that they will act in the spirit of friendship and co-operation with the object of furthering the development and strengthening the relations between them, adhering to the principles of mutual respect for their independence and sovereignty, and of non-interference in their internal affairs.


Article II: Metal under tension

The Contracting Parties will hereafter refrain from all forms of hostile activity and aggression against each other, such as conspiring/committing espionage and the use of military force.


Article III: Beggin' you to touch and go

Should either of the Contracting Parties come upon intelligence which pertains to the safety or stability of the other, they are required to share this intelligence.


Article IV: Highway to the Danger Zone

The Contracting Parties are encouraged, but not obligated, to engage in financial transactions to their mutual benefit and to assist each other financially in times of need.


Article V: Ride into the Danger Zone

If one of the Contracting Parties comes under attack from a third party, they may ask the other Contracting Party for military aid. The other Contracting Party has the option of giving military aid and assistance. If either Contracting Party intends to undertake an aggressive military action against a third party or parties, it shall communicate this information to the other Contracting Party promptly. The other Contracting Party is not obliged to provide military support under these circumstances, but may do so if it wishes.


Article VI: Headin' into twilight

Once ratified by the Contracting Parties, this pact shall have full effect. Should either of the Contracting Parties wish to cancel this pact, a 72-hour notification must be given before the pact can be considered null and void.




Signed for NATO:

Secretary General: Sir Humphrey
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Tsayka

Secretary of Defense: OldSelf

Secretary of Commerce: HM Solomon I

Secretary of Enlistment: Cesar Julian

Chief Justice: OrangeBlood


Signed for ODN:

Secretary-General: Overlord Shinnra

Assistant Secretary General: eZe

Secretary of Defense: Zaxon

Secretary of Interior: Hawspiper1983

Secretary of Economics: NOMNOMNOM

Secretary of State: OsRavan

Senate LVII:







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Note: This treaty was made defunct and superseded by an upgraded version.1  This thread was edited while listening to Danger Zone for authenticity.

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