Requesting Protectorate Status
Alliance Name: Promethia

Alliance Color: Black

Current Number of Nations*: 14 at this moment

Link to Alliance Forums:

IRC Channel: #promethia on coldfront

Representatives Ruler names(List 2): I am the only rep. (Not official being as I have yet to be masked here but I am a representative of Promethia.) Another ambassador can be assigned, should we be granted protection.

Please post any other comments:


The reason I am the only diplomat is because our FA team is spread out searching for a protector. Personally I have applied to two other alliances as well. Once that search is over, we can certainly assign someone else to NATO. Also, we are flexible so if there is anything you need from us that requires changing, we should be willing. Finally, being as we have applied to several other alliances, 7 or 8 in total, our leader holds the decision in choosing who our protector will be. Personally I hope it's NATO, so please bring Promethia under your protection.

Oh no, you haven't even been masked yet :O


we normally aren't this slow accepting diplos and responding, the war has our attention pretty diverted Sad


Hopefully someone who knows stuff gets back to you soon" alt="410812-odn.png">

I understand and can certainly see why we're not your top priority. Do what needs to be done and get to this stuff when you can.


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