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The IRON Curtain




The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Independent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON) hereby establish a buffer between themselves and the Soviet Union.


Article I: Non-Aggression and Security

NATO and IRON hereby pledge to refrain from taking up arms against one another. Both signatories will refrain from the use of espionage against the other. Should either signatory come into possession of information regarding the infringement of the other’s security by the Soviets, they are required to promptly share with the other.


Article II: Checkpoint Charlie

NATO and IRON have established defenses along our shared borders with the Soviet Union. Should the Soviets approach either of our borders with hostility, the other will respond in kind. Should either NATO or IRON come under attack as the result of venturing through Checkpoint Charlie of their own volition, the other signatory is encouraged but not required to respond.


Article III: Aggression

If either signatory believes it prudent to move against the East aggressively, turning the Cold War into a full fledged conflict, the other signatory may take up arms and join them if they believe it to be in their best interests.


Article IV: Tear Down This Wall

Should Mr. Gorbachev decide to tear down the wall "separating" the East from the West, the signatories will celebrate the end of this era with a drink, shake hands, and decide that the Curtain is no longer needed. This discussion will take place in private.



Signed for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization,

Tsayka, Secretary General

Da DreadLord, Secretary of Foreign Affairs

asapilu, Secretary of Defense

Lonabis, Secretary of Enlistment


Signed for the Independent Republic of Orange Nations,

The Warrior, President, IRON Councilor

Rhizoctonia, Secretary of State, IRON Councilor

Blade 619, Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor

Hertt, Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor

Mandarijn, Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor

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