Nation Name: Columbus

Nation Ruler: Luke C

Nation Link:

Alliance Wiki Link: -

Alliance Name: League of Nations

Alliance Acronym (if any): LoN

Alliance Color: -

Your position in the alliance: Owner/President

Link to your alliance forums:

list mask/embassy specific requests here.

Hi. I recently created an alliance called the League of Nations. Before I start focusing on mass recruitment I am looking to sign a treaty which would involve the LoN obtaining a "protector" alliance. The reason for this is to avoid being tech raided by rogue nations or other alliances. I would be willing to work out a treaty which would benefit NATO and provide it with some control over the LoN's actions and treaties.

Thank you
cool name for an alliance, make sure it is themed along same lines as the League although dont make it fail <img src="" alt="Tongue" title="Tongue" class="smilie smilie_5" />

So no Americans involved, no Germans etc u see what i mean.

Just a suggestion
Secretary General

Commander- GPF Military

Global Protection Force
well thats a fail i see your flag is American lol
Secretary General

Commander- GPF Military

Global Protection Force
Someone should be along shortly to deal with your request" alt="410812-odn.png">

Hi Luke C, thanks for your interest in NATO, but we currently have enough on our plate at the moment, and are not looking for new protectorates. I'm sure that you will be able to find another alliance that can accommodate you.

Alternatively, if you are interested in the protection, community, and financial support that comes from being a member of a larger alliance, you are very welcome to join NATO.

Good luck.
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