Nation Name: HellEden
Nation Ruler: KrazyNights
Nation Link:
Alliance Wiki Link
Alliance Name: New Polar Order
Alliance Acronym (if any): NpO
Alliance Color: Blue
Your position in the alliance: Deputy Minister of Truth (FA)
Link to your alliance forums:

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Masked. Welcome to NATO's boards.

00:44:04:  18:41 Tywin_Lannister � people voting afterwards doesnt count

00:44:11:  do you fucking morons not know how to close a poll
Quote:Referencing FSU QB Jameis Winston:


[20:11:22] <&Chimaera> My father just texted me

[20:11:28] <&Chimaera> 'Better call him Jameis Loseston now'
[20:11:36] <&Chimaera> Turns out I've definitely gotten the family sense of humor
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