Ragnarok MDoAP

Quote:Following NATO's recent commitment to defending Ragnarok during its time of need, both alliances agreed to upgrade their existing oDoAP so that the commitment is formally reciprocated, and to better reflect the nature of the relationship.


[Image: natosflag.png][Image: rok_flag-treaty2.png]

The "RoK and a Hard Place" Pact

NATO and Ragnarok recognize a shared commitment to defend one another against declarations of war by external parties, and agree to provide military, financial and diplomatic assistance if requested by the other signatory. Each signatory also has the option to join the other in acts of aggression.

There is no obligation to defend one another in the event that either signatory is attacked after declaring war via activation of a clause from another treaty.

NATO and Ragnarok agree that the keys and foundation to their friendship are loyalty and communication. Thus, each signatory agrees to take into account the interests of the other signatory and its treaty partners when making decisions. Each signatory also agrees to communicate regarding information that affects the other, while respecting the confidence of other treaty partners.

If either alliance decides to cancel this treaty, the cancellation will become effective 48 hours after formal notice is provided to the other signatory.

Signed for NATO:

dev0win (former Secretary General)

Sir Humphrey, Secretary General

Berbers, Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Semi the Hard, Secretary of Defense

Njero, Secretary of Commerce

muwen1234, Secretary of Enlistment

Aress, Chief Justice

Signed for Ragnarok:

Adelheidi, Empress

Yukon Don, Regent

Valtamdraugr, Chancellor

Jekalle, Consul

Announcement: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php...pic=110894 

Note: This treaty was made defunct by the disbandment of Ragnarok on 21 September 2013.1

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