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First off, NATO is glad you have considered us a protector of your nations.

To be considered for a protectorate we have a few guidelines laid out that we believe are necessary for a successful relationship between our alliances, and also for continued growth in your nations and community. They are as follows:

  • 10 Members

  • Established forums

  • Alliance Charter

  • Alliance Theme: Color, Flag, Mission Statement

  • IRC channel on Coldfront server

  • Atleast 2 representatives from your government sign up on these forums

To apply for a protectorate with NATO, please post in the following format:

Quote:Alliance Name:

Alliance Color:

Current Number of Nations*:

Link to Alliance Forums:

IRC Channel:

Representatives Ruler names(List 2):

Please post any other comments:

* If you have not yet launched your alliance please list estimate starting number

[Image: DevoLPsig2.jpg]
[Image: medalbanner2.jpg?t=1286779999][Image: medalbanner2-2.jpg?t=1286779999]
[Image: NADCMoDE_bar.png]
[Image: DHribbon2.png]
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