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The Bear Cavalry - Alfred von Tirpitz - 01-02-2016

Nation Name: Cephian IV
Nation Ruler: Helbrecht
Nation Link: Cephian IV
Alliance Wiki Link : Wikia : The Bear Cavalry
Alliance Name: The Bear Cavalry
Alliance Acronym (if any): TBC
Alliance Color: White
Your position in the alliance: Member who needs to be a diplomat to NATO
Link to your alliance forums: The Bear Cavalry Forum
Hello NATO, its been a while.

The Bear Cavalry - Sir Humphrey - 01-04-2016

This is pretty cool. I'm a bit out of touch, but looks like you have a great grouping of members I respect.

The Bear Cavalry - Jekalle - 01-04-2016

Happy New Year - What's up everybody?  Can you mask me under TBC as well?

The Bear Cavalry - Tsayka - 01-04-2016

I've somehow JUST realized your acronym is TBC And I like it about as much as the people you've got in it!

The new embassy is set up and both of you should be masked for access. Let me know if you have any problems with it.

The Bear Cavalry - Alonso Quixano - 01-05-2016

Nation Name: del Toboso
Nation Ruler: Alonso Quixano
Nation Link:
Alliance Wiki Link : Wikia : The Bear Cavalry
Alliance Name: The Bear Cavalry
Alliance Acronym (if any): TBC
Alliance Color: White
Your position in the alliance: Member who needs to be a diplomat to NATO
Link to your alliance forums: The Bear Cavalry Forum